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A website migration is the process of moving your existing website from its current location to a new location while making necessary transitions. It means switching from one platform/technology to another, one host to another, changing the domain name, and restructuring the website’s content and architecture. By migrating your website, you will have a significant chance to enhance user experience and customer journey while improving the performance of your website. Having expertise in website migration services, we will ensure the migration of complete data without disrupting your SEO implementations. Apart from this, our team of website migration experts will help manage migration activities while preserving your data integrity.

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Our team of website migration experts has years of experience in migrating hundreds of websites. Whether it is a simple migration process, migrating to server or domain migration, or eCommerce website migration, we handle all sorts of migrations seamlessly without any delay with minimal downtime.
Here Are The Types of Migration We Specialize In.
  • Protocol Migration: Changing communication protocols for greater functionality and compatibility. For example, HTTP to HTTPS

  • Subdomain Migration: Moving or changing your domain to subdomains to improve the structure of information and services. For example, to,

  • Domain Migration: Changing a website’s domain to improve SEO, rebranding, or localization. For example, to

  • Structural Migration: Rearranging the architecture of a website to improve usability and user experience. For example, to,

  • CMS Migration: Moving information and functionality between CMS platforms for better functionality and efficiency. For example, Wix to WordPress, Joomla to WordPress

  • Redesign: Make tiny to major designs or developments related changes in the existing website to enhance its functionality, usability, and navigation, and improve the website for better user experience.

  • Hybrid or Combination: Apply one or more than one type of migration

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When Should You Migrate Your Website?

The following are some of the common scenarios when you should consider migrating your website.
Technology Upgrade

If your website’s current technology is lagging behind industry standards, migrating your website seems the right choice. Website migration ensures your website includes the latest technology, features, and trends.

Changing Hosting Providers

Unsatisfactory hosting service can hinder your website’s performance, therefore, migrating to a new host with enhanced security, speed, and client support will enhance your website’s reliability.


Outdated security measures may expose your website’s data and make your website vulnerable to attacks. That’s why migrating to a secure platform will help safeguard sensitive data and protect both your clients and business.

Redesign and Rebranding

If you are planning to give your website a new look, migration is the first and foremost step to take. As it will allow you seamlessly transition to a new design, enhancing your current ranking and brand identity.

Compliance and Regulation

If your industry’s compliance or regulations have changed, website migration will help to align your website with new updates, avoiding any legal complications.

Different Website Migration Services We Offer

Being a website migration expert, here are the various website migration services we provide according to your requirement.

Content Management System (CMS) Migration

Whether you are searching to transition to a more user-friendly system or searching for enhanced customization capabilities, our experts are here to make the process smooth and stress-free. We will help you migrate your website to the desired CMS platform. The following are our CMS migration services you can take advantage of.
Types of CMS/Platform Migrations We Provide

E-commerce Platform Migration

We will help you migrate the front end and back end of your existing eCommerce store to a feature-rich and robust platform, enhancing customer experience and streamlining your day-to-day operations. Everything that exists on your existing eCommerce platform such as pages, categories, products, posts, collections, meta data, and client and order information will be seamlessly moved to different platforms. The eCommerce platform migration service includes
Types of eCommerce Platform Migrations We Offer

Database Migration

WebyKing’s expert database migration team will effortlessly move your application stack and database to different database systems. We will help you migrate your MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL and other databases while maintaining minimal downtime and high availability. Our database migration service features
Types of Database Migrations We Offer

Domain Migration

Our domain migration service helps you change your existing domain name to a new domain name. Also, manage domain configurations to ensure your website is fully functional without any issues.

Web Hosting Migration

Still wondering how to migrate your website from one host to another? Our web hosting specialists will help you migrate your current hosting to secure and reliable hosting. We will transfer your content and data while troubleshooting errors and monitoring your content transfer at the same time. Apart from web hosting migration services, we also assist with domain and DNS handling as well as making sure your new hosting server works flawlessly.

SEO Migration

We aim to execute the website migration SEO process swiftly while minimizing any potential SEO disruptions and reducing website downtime using effective website migration tools. We strategize by collaborating with in-house SEO experts which ensures a meticulous approach where every page is carefully analyzed, and monitored while implementing best SEO practices right from the launch.

Our Comprehensive SEO Migration Services Include

Third Party Migration

We provide third party migration services which include changing shipping provider, payment, or SMS gateway. If your website already includes certain third party integration and would like to migrate them with other third party tools without disrupting existing website operations, our third party migration experts will do that.

Technology Migration

Our specialized migration team will help you migrate to the latest technology that solves problems, connecting with compatibility, security, and vulnerability. We will migrate your outdated framework, technologies, and languages to a new one.

Website Migration Process We Follow

Being a well-known website migration company, we commit to maintaining complete security while transferring your data. Here are the step-by-step migration methods we follow.

Pre Migration Assessment

We initiate the process by analyzing your current website setup, identity, and objectives and plan a customized migration strategy.

Backup and Data Preservation

We will take a complete backup of your website’s database, files, and content.

Platform/Server Setup

We set up the new hosting environment or platform, configuring necessary security and software measures.

Website Transfer

We initiate transferring your website files, database and do necessary configuration.We make sure that all the pages and features are working correctly.

Data Migration

We will transfer your website data to a new environment, keeping the integrity and structure intact.


We perform end-to-end testing to make sure performance, compatibility and functionality are top-notch.

SEO and URL Mapping

We implement redirects and make sure that proper SEO practices are implemented to keep search rankings intact.

User Acceptance Testing

We will share the final migration access with you to cross-check, ensuring it meets your requirements and expectations.

Finalization and Launch

After getting approval from you, we finalize the migration, making your new website live for your audience.

Post-Migration Support

We provide ongoing support to address any post migration issues, making sure a smooth transition.

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Why Choose WebyKing’s Website Migration Services?

At WebyKing, we redefine website migration by ensuring to preserve your SEO rankings and data. Our unique approach ensures a seamless transition that retains your digital presence while unlocking a lot of advantages that makes us unique from the rest.

Clients Testimonials

Michael Donohue
Michael Donohue United States

“I have been working with WebyKing for about a year, and I would say that the team is highly responsive and delivers custom work efficiently. They have helped me in different stages of the project via email and other mediums. I would say that they are nuanced in work and have profound knowledge of different technologies. I highly recommend them for any website related work.”

Kevin Herbert
Kevin Herbert United States

“It was a great experience working with WebyKing for over a year. They understood my website well and planned some highly effective strategies as per the latest search engine trends. The team executed planned strategies well to optimize my website. With the support of WebyKing, this challenging task became a piece of cake.”

Carolina Philips
Carolina Philips United Kingdom

“We worked with WebyKing to optimize our old website. The team was highly communicative from start to finish of the project. They have shown keen interest in our website and designed a well-planned strategy for website optimization. Their team possesses the latest insights on website optimization.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Website migration is the process of transferring your website from one hosting environment, domain, or platform to another. It is necessary to make sure your online presence remains updated and secure. Our expert team at WebyKing, can guide you through this transition, making sure a seamless transfer without any hardships.
We take proactive measures to reduce downtime as much as we can. Our team plans the migration strategically allowing the shortest or no downtime window. Also, we work diligently to back up your website and run smoothly in no time.
Yes, our eCommerce migration services are tailored to precisely migrate to a new eCommerce platform without losing the data. We specialize in migrating eCommerce platforms while safeguarding your valuable data, including product listing, order history, and client information.
We implement robust encryption, and access controls, and implement industry best practices to safeguard your website while migrating. Our experienced team ensures that your sensitive information remains secure throughout the process.
The average website migration takes around 1 week to 4 weeks of time. However, the timeline depends on the complexity of the website, data mount, and services you require. Know the exact timeline for your data migration by reaching out to our expert team.
The website migration cost ranges from $500 to $10,000. As the cost of website migration depends on several factors like the size of your website, the type of migration, and the additional service you require. We offer tailored solutions designed to fit your budget while making sure a seamless migration experience.