Privacy Policy

At WebyKing, we prioritize the protection of your privacy and are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of any information collected. We adhere to strict guidelines and do not engage in spam, sell, rent, lease, or disclose information to any third parties.

This Privacy Policy outlines the terms governing the collection, use, and security of your personal information when you visit and use our website, Please carefully review and agree to the policies described herein before accessing our services.

Information We Collect

(i) Personal Information

WebyKing may collect personal information, including but not limited to names, contact information, IP addresses, and product/service preferences, to identify you. This information is gathered during various interactions, such as:

Communication with you as a customer or prospective customer.

Visiting our website or using our platform.

Registering as an end-user for our products or services.

Filling out the “Contact Us” form to connect with our experts.


WebyKing utilizes cookies to enhance your website experience. Cookies are small text files that store and retrieve information about your visit. We use session cookies (cached for your website usage duration) and permanent cookies (stored until specified otherwise or deletion). You can adjust your computer settings to decline cookies if desired.

How We Use Personal Information

WebyKing does not rent personal information collected through the website to others. We use your personal information for identification purposes and may access it when processing transactions or providing services. This includes email addresses, names, personal interests, and contact information.

Security of Information

WebyKing maintains stringent technology and operational security standards to prevent misuse, loss, alteration, or destruction of personal information. Firewalls restrict unauthorized access, ensuring the full security of your data.


WebyKing provides you with the option to choose whether to provide personal information. It is not mandatory to furnish information to access our website, and you can opt out of providing such details.

Policy Modification

WebyKing reserves the right to update or modify our Privacy Policy as needed. Users will be kept informed of any changes.

Contact Information

For inquiries or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please reach out to WebyKing through any convenient contact method.

As per GDPR regulations, WebyKing falls under the category of a data processor and adheres to all rules applicable to data processors.