How to Create a Dental Website?

How to Create a Dental Website?

Over the years, the number of dentists around the globe is increasing. It is becoming challenging for dentists to get more patients to their clinics.

Hence, dentists have started creating dental websites to represent their personality, expertise, and services. Moreover, many of them have reached a broader audience and built their brand.

If you are also a dentist and decided to create a dental website to grow your business, you are at the right place.

We are a professional dental website design company. Hence, we are familiar with creating modern dental websites and marketing them well to get more patients.

Here we will provide you with the streamlined process to develop a dental website efficiently.

Without waiting much, let us get started.

1. Choose a Domain Name

First & foremost, you need to have a domain name for your website. The users will access your website from this domain. For instance, Here, is the domain name.

You need to purchase a domain name for your dental website from any of the leading domain registrars.

First, verify whether the domain name you search for is available or not. If not, you need to constantly lookout for a domain name that resonates well with your dental clinic. Then buy it as soon as it is available.

You need to purchase a domain based on your country and for a specific time. Then, you have to renew it to keep it the same.

2. Buy a Reliable Hosting Service

After buying a domain name, the next most essential thing you need is hosting. It is required to store all the contents of your website, such as videos, images, text, etc.

You should purchase a secure and reliable hosting service to keep your website protected. Initially, you should decide the type of hosting service for your website. Out of which, shared, VPS, and dedicated are the most popular.

There are various types of hosting service providers available in the market. You can purchase hosting for your website from these service providers.

If you are at an initial stage, you should choose shared hosting. If you have a lot of money, you can go with dedicated or VPS hosting.

3. Choose the Suitable Method to Create Your Dental Website

After purchasing the domain and hosting, you need to decide the method using which you want to create your dental website.

There are three main ways you can develop a dental website. It includes a builder, template, and custom website. Let us look at the look of them in detail:

Using a Builder

It is basically a tool that allows you to develop a website smoothly without prior coding experience. If you have a low budget and resources, you can go with a website builder.

There are various website builders available in the market. You can choose a suitable one as per the requirement.

However, there are some major drawbacks of using a builder. A website developed using builder loads slowly. It allows you to integrate limited features. Besides this, it has limited SEO capabilities. Therefore, it is not suitable in the long run.

Using a Template

A template is especially a pre-built theme that showcases the layout and the features of the website. There are various free and paid templates available online. You can choose a suitable one and develop a website efficiently.

If you want to integrate various functionalities and build a website quickly, go with a template. Moreover, the cost of a template starts from $50.

You can get a suitable template for your dental practice without much hindrance. Moreover, the majority of templates are attractive, responsive, and mobile-friendly. It means; they function well on tablets and smartphones also.

When you choose to create a dental website using a template, you will be required to invest sufficient time in content development. Other than this, your entire dental website development process will be smooth.

The main drawback of a template is that your site might have the same design as other dental websites.

Custom Website Development

The most effective method to create a dental website is to go with custom website development.

In this approach, you get the best-quality dental website as per your business goals and requirements.

With this approach, you can provide a tailor-made experience to the users with the website. You can do effective branding of your website while building it from scratch. Your website loads quickly, and also it has more security compared to a builder and a template.

A custom-build website has a higher possibility of ranking in the search engines.

To create a custom website, you should reach out to a dental website design company. They will design the website based on your feedback. Hence, you need to get involved with the team regularly to get the best results.

Hence, you need to invest sufficient time and money in custom dental website development. To know the cost of your custom dental website, check dental website design cost.

On average, it will take a few weeks to develop a dentist’s website from scratch. However, it is worth it.

4. Define Features of Your Dental Website

Based on the method you choose to build a dental website, you need to define the features.

If you choose to go with a builder, you have limitations for integrating features in the dental website.

However, you can integrate as many features as you want if you use a template or build your dental website from scratch.

But, you should not integrate all the features at the initial stage. The reason is, it will take a lot of your time and money.

As you create your dental website for the first time, you should start small. It means, integrating only some essential features on your dental website. You can have a look at the best dental websites in the market and iterate something unique in your dental website.

Here we have curated some of the key features of dental websites:

  • Dental Service Pages: Different service pages are necessary for a dental website to describe the type of services you offer to patients.

  • Online Scheduling: Patients don’t like to wait in the digital era. They like to book services in advance. Hence, you should provide a feature that allows patients to book a specific dental service as per their needs.

  • Client Testimonials: It is one of the most crucial features of a dental website. It helps you build trust and reputation among the users. Also, it ensures customer satisfaction.

  • Multiple Payment Options: You should be familiar with the payment methods people use for booking services and integrate them into your dental website. It can be credit cards, PayPal, etc.

  • Dentist Bios: People like to know in detail about a dentist before booking a service. Hence, it is necessary to include all the details about the dentist.

  • Lead Generation Forms: It is necessary to include contact forms and other appointment request forms to attract patients to the website.

5. Get Content for Your Dental Website

After deciding all the essential features of your dental website, the next thing is to move on with the content part. Why consider content first before designing the website?

Many leading organizations across the globe consider a content-first approach. There are several reasons behind it as follows:

  • It offers a complete picture of how the entire content works in the right direction.
  • It saves a lot of your time.
  • It sets the path for dental website design.

6. Design Your Dental Website

After deciding on the features and getting content for your dental website, you can move on with the design.

If you choose to go with a builder, you have limited options in terms of design. Hence, we suggest you go with a template or a custom-built website.

For building any dental website, you need to provide better UI/UX to your target audience. For the same, you need to consider some essential aspects as follows.

  • Search Engine Optimization: It is necessary to optimize title, content, etc., on dental websites to rank higher on the search engines.

  • Mobile Responsiveness: People rely on smartphones rather than desktops and other devices daily. Therefore, a responsive mobile website is easy to access from any location.

  • Easy Navigation: A dental website should have easy navigation from the homepage to other pages and vice-versa.

  • Images: It is necessary to include images that brief users about your services at first look.

  • CTA: Call to action helps to increase conversion on a website. Hence, these should be placed properly.

7. Develop Your Dental Website

The next and the most crucial step is developing your dental website. If you choose builder, you don’t have to do any coding and use its drag and drop functionality. However, it has limitations when it comes to customization.

If you have decided to create a dental website using a template or from scratch, you need a team of professionals. Here, you can reach out to a dental website development company. The company will design & develop your dental website according to your budget and business requirements.

8. Launch your Dental Website

After your dental website is ready, you need to make it live. Before launching your website, you should cross-check that it does not have any errors and that all the features are working well.

Final Words

We conclude the streamlined process for how to create a dental website. By following the process thoroughly, you can develop a dental website efficiently.

If you want to take your dental practice online, you can contact us with the dental website goals and get a free quote.

WebyKing is a professional dental website design company. We can understand your business and provide you with the best dental website as per the requirements. Moreover, we can do effective marketing for your dental website.