5 Best Examples of Website Redesign

5 Best Examples of Website Redesign

A website is the most important aspect of your business. It should answer all the questions of the users about any product or service you are offering. Moreover, it should help you to convert your prospects into leads.

To achieve this, you need to engage users constantly on your website. However, due to some common reasons, you might not be able to engage users and increase sales.

These common reasons include complex navigation, outdated design, unnecessary features and functionalities, slow speed, high bounce rate, etc. In all such situations, you should think of the website redesign.

Now, if you are still confused about whether to redesign the website or not, then be with us till the end. Here, in this blog, we will walk you through some of the best website redesign examples.

By looking at these examples, you will understand the importance of website redesign.

So, let’s get the ball rolling.

1. Reddit

Reddit, which regards itself as the front page of the internet, decided to redesign its website lately. The CEO of Reddit wanted to provide a sleek and easy-to-use website to the users; that’s why he redesigned the website. Moreover, he believed that Reddit is not just the place for sharing information but also sharing ideas.

In the redesign, Reddit introduced a hamburger menu along with a navigation bar that displays feeds, favorites, subscriptions, and profiles.

After this, you can see three buttons to view the content in different ways. Here, first is the card view which is similar to Facebook. The second is a classic view which is adopted from the old Reddit design. The last one is a compact view which allows users to skim a massive amount of content instantly.

Moreover, users can easily differentiate between an outbound link and a post. How? The new Reddit design shows different fonts for both these things.

Besides these things, Reddit has made some other necessary changes in its redesigned website.

Moreover, users can easily differentiate between an outbound link and a post. How? The new Reddit design shows different fonts for both these things.

Besides these things, Reddit has made some other necessary changes in its redesigned website.

Apart from this, whenever you keep the logo to the center or right, the brand recall gets decreased. Hence, you should never place a logo on the center or right side.
On the other side, if you offer an excellent navigation menu as per the users’ needs, they will remain on your website for a long-time.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service. Its earlier website was well-known among businesses worldwide.

Moreover, the homepage design was intuitive and straightforward. It consisted of a menu bar at the top followed by a full-screen section on the home page that depicts the site.

The page was highly responsive, and it highlights all the benefits that businesses get by integrating Mailchimp on their website.

Later, to meet their customers’ needs, Mailchimp decided to implement a new brand identity and design system.

In the new design, you can observe an updated logo, color palette, typeface, unique imagery, and illustrations. Moreover, they have changed the font to sans serif and changed the c to lower case in the Mailchimp logo. Further, the Mailchimp design introduced 4 main features along with the sketch illustration.

3. Twitter

Twitter, a popular microblogging and social networking service worldwide have redesigned their website after a long time.

The main purpose behind the redesign is to provide consistency on desktops and smartphones.

There are some crucial changes in the latest redesign. Here, Twitter has removed the top navigation bar and shifted the entire menu on the left-hand side.

Also, they have introduced two essential functions, bookmarks & lists that were hidden inside the website.

On the right-hand side panel, you can see the trends running around the world. After which, you can view persons you can follow.

Also, Twitter has introduced an inbox like direct messages, where you can check and respond to the messages instantly.

Moreover, for people who love personalization, Twitter introduced light and dark modes.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best website redesign examples on our list. After the redesign, there was a lot of talk happening about the new design in the technology world.

The main reason why Dropbox redesigned its website is that its goal is evolved from storing files to assisting the team in synchronization.

With the new design, the company wants to showcase to its users that Dropbox is not just keeping files but also helps in collaborating teams and ideas.

The earlier version of Dropbox was congested. It was challenging to distinguish between folders, bins, and upload.

However, with the redesign, Dropbox provides a thumbnail view so that you can visually browse all the files. Also, it allows you to check people collaborating with you on shared files and folders.

Besides this, Dropbox has integrated an enhanced search to find Dropbox Paper documents and user’s files. It allows users to switch between personal and work accounts effectively.

Apart from these changes, Dropbox has made some other necessary changes in the redesign.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb is a popular online rental marketplace among users worldwide. The company redesigned its website so that users can instantly search the information. Also, it has made the process of listing quick & efficient.

In the previous design, Airbnb used a lot of shadows and gradients. While in the newer design, it replaced it with negative space and basic fonts. Also, it removed the host photos and name of the listing so that all the users can emphasize more on the accommodation.

Airbnb also modified the colors in the comment session and the new listing section.

Bottom Line

We have shared with you the 5 most popular website redesign examples. Apart from this, various other well-known companies have done website redesign. The website redesign has helped companies to provide better UX and also achieve their business goals. If you own a website and unable to achieve your business goals for a long time, then you should think of a website redesign. To redesign your website, you can either choose a ready-made template or build your website from scratch. To know more, refer to this quick guide on template vs the custom-built website. If you want to redesign your website, then it is recommended to approach a website design and development company. They have years of experience and have designed websites for different industries. WebY King is a professional website design and development company. We provide excellent custom website design services for startups and businesses. Hence, you can share your issues with us, and we can provide you with the most suitable website solution.
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