eCommerce Loyalty Programs: A Complete Guide

Updated on: May 29, 2024
eCommerce Loyalty Programs

eCommerce loyalty programs are designed to reward and retain loyal customers by offering incentives for repeat purchases and engagement. With fierce competition in the e-commerce space at an all-time high, loyalty programs have become a vital strategy for businesses to differentiate themselves and build customer loyalty.

It has been demonstrated that loyalty programs work to retain customers and encourage them to spend more. Even if other brands become more popular, up to 82% of customers will continue to buy from a trusted brand.

These programs offer a range of benefits to eCommerce business owners that can improve customer retention, increase revenue, and build brand advocacy by implementing an effective loyalty program.

In this digital age, eCommerce loyalty programs are a crucial aspect of a successful eCommerce strategy, and businesses that fail to offer these programs risk losing customers to their competitors. Everything you need to know about e-commerce loyalty programs can be found here, including which programs you should look into and what benefits you can anticipate.

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What Stands for eCommerce Loyalty Programs?

eCommerce loyalty programs are designed to encourage and reward customers for their repeat business and engagement. E-commerce businesses typically offer these programs to build customer loyalty, retain customers, and increase sales.

eCommerce loyalty programs aim to incentivize customers to continue purchasing from the same business rather than switching to a competitor. By offering exclusive benefits and rewards, businesses can encourage customers to remain loyal, increasing revenue, improving customer retention, and higher customer lifetime value.

For instance, earn stars through the Starbucks Rewards Program. Customers can earn one star for every dollar spent. For example, they can get a free drink or slice of cake with 60 stars.

Now, let’s look at the infographic for statistics on eCommerce loyalty programs.

Top 5 loyalty program statistics

Benefits of Using an eCommerce Loyalty Program

eCommerce loyalty programs are a strong promoting procedure that drives spending and brand faithfulness. As per research, 83% of online shoppers participate in at least one loyalty or rewards program, according to our research.

Implementing an eCommerce loyalty program can bring several benefits to a business, including.

Increased Customer Retention

eCommerce loyalty programs can increase customer retention by offering rewards and incentives for repeat purchases. As a result, customers are more likely to continue purchasing from a business that rewards their loyalty, increasing customer lifetime value.

Higher Customer Engagement

eCommerce loyalty programs can increase customer engagement by offering exclusive benefits and rewards that encourage customers to interact with a business. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and brand advocacy.

Increased sales

eCommerce loyalty programs can uplift sales by incentivizing customers to make additional purchases. For example, customers may be more likely to purchase to earn rewards or reach a higher membership tier, leading to increased revenue for the business.

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Improved Customer Data Collection

eCommerce loyalty programs often require customers to provide personal information to enroll. This information can be used by businesses to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, leading to improved marketing and sales strategies.

Competitive Advantage

In the highly competitive e-commerce space, offering a loyalty program can differentiate a business from its competitors. For example, customers may be more likely to choose a company that offers a loyalty program over one that does not.

In a nutshell, implementing an eCommerce loyalty program can bring certain perks to a business in a variety of ways.

Types of eCommerce Loyalty Programs

Businesses can implement several e-commerce loyalty programs, each with its benefits and features. Here are several sorts of eCommerce loyalty programs:

Points-Based Programs

This type of loyalty program rewards customers with points for their purchases, which they can redeem for discounts, free products, or other rewards. Points-based programs are popular because they are easy to understand and allow customers to accumulate rewards over time.

Tiered Programs

Tiered loyalty programs offer multiple membership levels, with additional benefits and rewards available at each level. For example, customers can earn points or rewards to move up to higher tiers, which may offer exclusive discounts, early access to sales, or other perks.

Cashback Programs

Cashback loyalty programs offer customers a percentage of their purchase price as a cash reward. Customers may receive the cashback as a credit to their store account or bank account.

Coalition Programs

Coalition loyalty programs are collaborations between multiple businesses that offer rewards and benefits to customers purchasing from participating businesses. This type of program can be effective for businesses looking to attract new customers or expand their reach.

Hybrid Programs

Hybrid loyalty programs combine two or more loyalty programs, such as points-based and tiered programs. These programs can offer more flexibility and customization options for businesses and customers.

By choosing the right type of program and tailoring it to their customers’ needs, businesses can build customer loyalty and increase sales in the competitive eCommerce space.

Unable to Choose the Right Loyalty Program?​

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Share your project details with us. Our experts analyze and recommend a program that suits your needs best.

How to Setup an eCommerce Loyalty Program

Setting up an e-commerce loyalty program can seem challenging, but it can be broken down into several simple steps. Here are the primary steps to follow when setting up an e-commerce loyalty program:

Define Your Goals

Defining your objectives is necessary before starting your loyalty program. What are your goals for this program? Do you want to increase customer retention, sales, or engagement? Understanding your goals will help you design a program tailored to your business needs.

Choose a Loyalty Program Type

There are several types of loyalty programs to choose from, including points-based, tiered, cashback, coalition, and hybrid programs. Choose a program that suits your goals and fits your customers’ needs.

Determine Rewards and Benefits

The rewards and benefits you offer will depend on your program type and your business goals. For example, consider offering discounts, free products, early access to sales, or exclusive content.

Set Up & Integrate Your Program

Once you have defined your program type and rewards, it’s time to set up your program. This may involve working with a loyalty program provider or using software to manage your program.

You can even take support from eCommerce development companies who have expertise with the work. As an eCommerce website development company, WebyKing can also help you to set up and integrate loyalty programs with ease.

Promote Your Program

Once it is set up, it’s time to promote it to your customers. For example, consider using email marketing, social media, or website banners to promote your program and encourage customers to sign up.

Monitor Your Program

Monitoring your program’s performance is important to ensure it meets your goals. Track customer engagement, rewards redemption, and overall program success.

Following the above steps and continuously refining your program can build customer loyalty and increase sales in the competitive eCommerce space.

Tips for Maximizing Your E-commerce Loyalty Program

An eCommerce loyalty program is a great way to increase customer retention and drive repeat purchases. Here are some tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your loyalty program:
  • Make it easy to redeem
  • Offer compelling rewards
  • Use tiered rewards
  • Personalize rewards
  • Communicate regularly
  • Gamify the experience
  • Measure and optimize

Examples of Successful eCommerce Loyalty Programs for Your Inspiration

Many examples of successful eCommerce loyalty programs have helped companies increase customer retention and drive repeat purchases. Here are a few examples:

Sephora's Beauty Insider

Sephora’s loyalty program rewards customers with points for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed for free samples, exclusive products, and other perks. Members also receive early access to sales, free shipping, and other benefits.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a loyalty program that offers free two-day shipping, access to streaming video and music, and other benefits for a yearly fee. The program has been an enormous success, with millions of members worldwide.

Starbucks Rewards

Carrying forward the above example, Starbucks Rewards offers customers points for every purchase, which can be redeemed for free beverages, food, and other perks. Members also receive early access to new products and promotions.

Target Circle

Target’s loyalty program offers customers personalized deals, early access to sales, and other benefits. Members also receive 1% cash back on purchases that can be redeemed on future Target purchases.


NikePlus is a loyalty program that rewards customers with free shipping, early access to new products, and other benefits. Members also receive personalized workout plans and recommendations based on their activity level.

These successful eCommerce loyalty programs all offer compelling rewards and benefits that keep customers coming back. They also use customer data to personalize the experience and communicate regularly with members to keep them engaged.

WebyKing Can Help You with Your eCommerce Loyalty Program

An eCommerce loyalty program is a powerful tool for increasing customer retention and driving repeat purchases. It can help to create a loyal customer base that generates long-term value by offering compelling rewards and benefits, using customer data to personalize the experience, and communicating regularly with members.

WebyKing can help you set up and integrate eCommerce loyalty programs to encourage repeat business. We keep your customer at the center of your program and help you make the most out of it.