Quix Stix

We designed and developed an eCommerce website for the client. It allows users worldwide to purchase Quix Stix and become proficient in it.
Client’s Industry




Quix Stix Ecommerce Website Development

Client’s Background

The client owns a product known as Quix Stix. It is basically a fun action game that helps people from six to sixty to enhance coordination. Apart from this, the client observed great benefits from the products. Hence, he decided to provide the same experience to people worldwide.
Client’s Background​
What was the Main Objective of the Client?

What was the Main Objective of the Client?

The primary purpose of the client is to help individuals who want to master Quix Stix play. Secondly, the client wants to generate revenue by selling products.

How did WebyKing Help the Client to Achieve the Objective?

WebyKing developed an eCommerce website to meet the client’s needs. The website allows people worldwide to check the Quix Stix and purchase it using the secure payment gateway.

Key Features of Quix Stix

Key Features of Quix Stix

View Product & Details

The user can view Quix Stix along with all the essential details.

Add to Cart System

A user can instantly add product/products into the cart and proceed with the checkout.

Multiple-Payment Options

People worldwide have different payment preferences. Hence, we have integrated third-payment payment gateways like PayPal, GPay, and Shop Pay. Users can make their payments using any of these payment gateways.

Country-Wise Shipping

We have integrated a module that displays the shipping cost for different regions worldwide. Hence, whenever a user makes a payment, the site will display product cost plus shipping.

Product Management

The client has complete control over the product management. He can add or remove products as per the requirement.

Watch Videos

We have integrated many videos on the website to help people get started with Quix Stix. The users can learn from these videos about the Quix Stix game.


With the help of this website, the client offered a platform for Quix Stix lovers to purchase the product and become professional at the game by learning from the training videos.