Babies Nutrition

We have redesigned the entire website called Babies Nutrition for the client. It allows users worldwide to view a wide range of products for babies and order them online without any hassle.
Client’s Industry




mother is taking care of baby's nutrition

Client’s Background

The client is an entrepreneur who is excited to invest in new ideas and generate revenue. He possessed an eCommerce website known as Babies Nutrition but wasn’t able to generate revenue through it.

What was the Primary Objective of the Client?

The client already had a platform to sell babies’ nutrition products. However, he was struggling to generate enough revenue through it.
The core purpose is to provide a platform for users to purchase original nutrition products for their babies. Secondly, the client had plans to generate enough revenue from it.

How did WebyKing Help the Client to Achieve
the Objective?

WebyKing optimized the entire website for the client. We made the site user-friendly and attractive. The users globally can view products and buy from the eCommerce website.

Key Features of Babies Nutrition

Register and Login


New users can register on the eCommerce website using their name, Email, and password. Moreover, the website allows registered users to access various features.


Registered users can log in with their Email and password.

View Product Details

The users can view essential details about the product, such as vendor, product type, barcode, etc.

Profile Update

All registered users can view and update their profile details anywhere and anytime.
View Product Details
Website functionality

Add to Cart

Users can view product details and add a product instantly to their cart for purchase.


The users can compare products and choose the most suitable one as per the requirement.

Multiple Payment Options

Different users across the world like to pay using varied payment methods. Hence, we have integrated several popular payment methods like Paypal, Shop Pay, and Google Pay.

Coupon Code

The client can offer a suitable coupon for users and provide a discount. The users need to enter the coupon and fulfill some criteria to get the discount.

Customer Reviews

The users can check the customer reviews of various products and then decide whether to purchase them or not.

Order History

All the registered users can track their order history on the website.

Product Management

With the help of this feature, the client can manage all the products on the website.
He can add or remove any of the products.

Technology We Used

Programming Language





We have optimized Babies Nutrition for the client. He started getting enough orders from the users. Moreover, he started generating good revenue from the eCommerce website.