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Soft skill development consultants



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People Development Australia

People Development Australia operates within the industry of soft skills development, specifically in the areas of team and leader development. They offer customized training and development programs, coaching, and consulting in team and leader development, with a focus on increasing self-awareness, developing adaptable behavior, and growing trust and employee engagement. They aim to help individuals, teams, and leaders become more ‘people literate’, adaptable, and engaging.

Vision of The Client

The primary vision of the client was to build their digital presence with a modern, user-centric website. They aimed to attract new learners, streamline course offerings, and provide a comprehensive resource hub for professionals seeking continuous development opportunities.
Vision of The Client
Vision of The Leader

Challenges We Faced

When we were working on building the website for PeopleDevelopment Australia, we faced a big challenge. Our client had a lot of different types of information to share. Figuring out how to organize and present all this info clearly and convincingly was tough.

We spent a good amount of time brainstorming and finding creative ways to present all this information clearly and convincingly that would make visitors want to use their services. Which also meets our client’s needs.

Our main goal was to make sure that when people visited the website, they could see all the different things our client offered to them. We wanted them to be impressed and interested enough to want to learn more and maybe even buy their services.

Challenges We Faced

Solution We Provided

In developing the website for People Development Australia, our focus was on making it easy for everyone to use. We wanted the site to be clear, simple, and work well on any device. So, we used the newest web tools to make sure it looks good whether you’re on a phone, tablet, or computer.

We made sure that the design looked attractive and easy to understand by people. We wanted them to find what they needed quickly and without any confusion. By keeping things straightforward and easy to navigate, we ensured that everyone could have a smooth experience on the site.

Solution We Provided

Features Implemented

Secure Login

Implement a secure login system for participants to access exclusive content or resources.

Custom Forms

Design and integrate custom forms for various purposes such as contact forms, feedback forms, or registration forms for events or workshops.

Participant Resources Section

A dedicated section for participants to access resources related to their development programs.

Interactive Course Catalog

A comprehensive course catalog was developed, allowing visitors to easily browse and filter through the various training programs offered by People Development Australia

Client Testimonials

Testimonials from satisfied clients were prominently featured throughout the website, providing social proof of People Development Australia's effectiveness and credibility.

Blog Integration

A blog section was integrated into the website, allowing People Development Australia to share valuable insights, industry news, and thought leadership content with their audience regularly.

Resource Library

A comprehensive resource library was incorporated into the website, offering visitors access to articles, videos, and other valuable content related to personal and professional development.


The collaboration between WebyKing and People Development Australia culminated in a resounding success. The website garnered praise for its sleek design and user-friendly interface and also gives tangible results to the client such as:


Increased Traffic


Improved Engagement


New leads/Inquiries


Conversion Rate

In conclusion, the collaboration between WebyKing and People Development Australia exemplifies the transformative power of effective digital solutions.

Know What Our Client Says About Our Work

I was searching for the best website design and development company that can help us build our online presence. Then I came across WebyKing. We agreed to build a website and make a strong online presence. I loved the way, they handled the information served to them. They categorized information in a very good manner and presented it in a precise and clear way on the website. I’m really very satisfied with their work, they delivered my project within the time limit. I would like to work with WebyKing for future projects also.

Peter Agnew
Founder of People Development Australia