Craft CMS vs WordPress: A Detailed Comparison

Craft CMS vs WordPress: A Detailed Comparison

Whenever one thinks of CMS, WordPress comes into his/her mind. This is because WordPress has become the first choice of most developers to build a new website. WordPress was released more than 15 years before, and now it empowers 36% of websites globally.

After WordPress, various other Content Management Systems were released into the market. Out of which, Craft CMS, which was released in 2012 is getting many developers’ attention in the last few years.

Moreover, the developer community is going crazy about the war between Craft CMS vs WordPress.

If you are also planning to choose between the two for your project but aren’t familiar with them, it might be challenging to decide the best one.

We have developed many websites in Craft CMS and WordPress; hence, we know all the ins and outs of both platforms. Therefore, we have compared the pros and cons of Craft CMS with WordPress based on some essential factors.

So, let’s get started:

Craft CMS vs WordPress: 8 Factors to Choose the Best One for Your Project

Here is the list of factors to consider choosing the best CMS for your next website development.

Community Support

C Craft CMS is being trusted by various companies worldwide. It has a small ecosystem, and it utilizes twig, a template search engine for PHP. It possesses a small community of developers, content managers, and craft support team.

The craft community is highly active on Discord (a chat software similar to slack); hence, you can post your issues and get answers quickly as compared to posting on Stack Overflow.

Apart from Discord, to resolve any issue in Craft CMS, you can approach platforms such as Twitter & Stack Exchange. Here, Craft CMS technical and customer support teams are active; hence, you get responses effectively.

W WordPress is the widely renowned content management system around the globe. There will be hardly any developer who hasn’t used WordPress once in a lifetime. It has a massive community of developers worldwide. Hence, you can get support from the developers easily for any kind of issue. However, it is somewhat challenging to discover the right developers.

Plugins & Integrations

C Craft CMS consists of its own plugin market; hence, it’s simple & effective to manage plugins directly. The market is growing simultaneously because new developers want to take benefit of low competition and generate recurring fees. As all the things are regulated in the Craft market, purchasing happens from the Craft ID.

Plugins & Integrations

If you have multiple websites, then Craft CMS offers a benefit to manage all the licensing & payments from a single location.

W WordPress holds the major market share in the market, and it has plugins for most of the features & functionalities. Hence, you can get a wide number of plugins for your needs. Also, you can purchase them at an affordable rate. As of now, WordPress has 55,000+ plugins and the count is increasing every year.


The main drawback of WordPress is that not all the plugins are up-to-date. Hence, they can cause security threats and privacy issues on a website. Moreover, the higher the plugins you install, the slower the speed of the site becomes.

Another drawback of WordPress is that plugins are handled at the third-party level, and hence it is challenging to manage.


C Craft is mainly referred to as a user-friendly CMS platform. It offers a black slate to you on which you can add or delete things as per the requirement.

In simple words, it offers an easy-to-use interface, which you can modify anytime. By this, you can add essential things only & offer a better experience to the users.

One of the most fantastic benefits of Craft CMS is that it enables you to check the live preview of pages you build. Hence, you can edit/ update or delete content in real-time.

The main limitation of Craft CMS is that it forces you to think in a certain way.

W WordPress possesses a vast number of built-in components. Here you can utilize all of these components to develop a website.

On the other side, the main issue with these components is that most of them are not suitable for development. Hence, you might spend your precious time finding suitable components and removing the rest.


C To utilize the Craft CMS, you have to pay an annual fee of $99, which is worth the investment. It offers a quick install to keep your site secure from hackers. Here, you receive updates every month. Moreover, it protects your site from any kind of SQL injection hacks, which is not possible.

W One of the main drawbacks of WordPress is that it is prone to security breaches and attacks. It offers numerous third-party integrations like plugins, themes that you can integrate on your website. The hackers can fetch the data & take complete control of the entire site.

Moreover, millions of sites running on WordPress were probed and attacked with the latest plugin error. Hence, we highly suggest you do not include any sensitive customer data in the WordPress website.

Even though you think you are saving a lot of your time & money by utilizing third-party plugins, you ultimately depend on them. Moreover, there are chances your plugin stops working when you update your website. Hence, to solve this, continuous update of software patches is highly important.


After creating a website, the next important step is to ensure that it ranks well in the SERPs to get organic traffic. Hence, we compare Craft CMS vs WordPress based on their search engine visibility.

C In the Craft CMS, you can utilize the SEOmatic plugin. This plugin is a boon for all the companies who have their website on Craft CMS. It can handle multiple things such as JSON-LD structure microdata, HTML meta tags, Twitter Cards tags, etc.

The most important thing about this plugin is that it forms sitemaps for Google’s crawlers. Due to this, your website gets crawled & index quickly on suitable keywords.

Apart from the SEOmatic plugin, Craft CMS has an efficient loading speed as compared to WordPress because it doesn’t affect any codes.

Moreover, Craft CMS offers an empty box to develop a website. In this box, you can include things as per your needs. Hence, you get a robust website that gets crawled easily by search engines.

W Talking about WordPress, it is considered an SEO-friendly platform. It comes with a variety of useful and well-reviewed plugins. Out of all plugins, developers all over the world are using the Yoast SEO plugin.

This plugin comes in two versions: Free & Premium. In the free version, you have various limitations and have to perform many tasks manually.

On the other side, if you purchase the premium version, you get a wide variety of features. This includes sitemap, keywords, redirects, permalinks, page title, descriptions, etc.

Content Management

C Craft CMS is widely popular in terms of content management. You can manage your whole website using the matrix-block architecture. Moreover, it consists of a series of components known as design units.

Every design unit carries out different functions. This includes functions like full-screen video, photos, rich-text, navigation, contact forms, etc.

Apart from this, if you are checking heatmaps and want to make any changes to your Craft website, then it’s quick and simple to modify it without exploiting the code.

One major drawback of the Craft CMS is that it follows the content-first approach where all the things are designed and then coded. Hence, it would be best if you did thorough planning.

W Talking about WordPress provides a vast number of templates that you can use to build a website. This saves a lot of your time & cost.

Before a few years, WordPress introduced a Gutenberg editor. This editor comes with a block system that offers developers a better CMS experience as compared
to the previous versions.

Due to this, now developers don’t have to rely on a single HTML file per template and instead use blocks that provide unique interface options. Here, content is presented in the form of blocks, and later blocks’ positions can be changed as per the needs.

The main drawback of WordPress is the slow experience on the admin side of the website. Due to this, you may find it challenging to handle a big website with many pages.

Another drawback of WordPress is that you can integrate a functionality using various types of plugins; hence, you spend a lot of time in purchasing different plugins and choosing the best one.

Built-in Features & Functionalities

C Craft CMS is introduced specially to develop dynamic websites. Due to this, its features and functionalities are highly suitable for developers. Moreover, Craft CMS provides you a blank slate to develop a unique website.

W Initially, WordPress was created and launched as a blogging platform. Moreover, its features & functionalities were created to attract bloggers. After a few years, the developers started using WordPress to develop small as well as big websites.

WordPress marketplace offers a massive variety of plugins, themes, and other resources to build a website.

Hence, you can quickly set up your website by choosing the best themes, plugins and other resources useful for your website. From this, it is clear that WordPress is suitable if you are looking for a DIY approach.

Development Cost

When we compare Craft CMS Development with WordPress Development, there is a massive gap in the development costs.

C The development cost of Craft CMS is more than compared to WordPress. It has a $299 one-time licensing fee along with a recurring annual fee of $59/ year.

If you’re planning to build an eCommerce website, Craft CMS offers its product known as Craft Commerce.

Craft CMS Commerce comes in two versions: Lite & Pro. Here, the cost of the lite version is $199 per project, while the cost of the pro version is $999 per project. Besides this, the lite version has a recurring charge of $39/year, and the pro version has a recurring charge of $199/ year.

Craft CMS also possesses its plugin market; hence, if you want to integrate any of the plugins, you have to pay for that. The most important benefit of these craft plugins is that they don’t get eliminated easily.

Craft CMS’s drawback is that there are limited options of hosting, and it is expensive because of low competition.

W WordPress is the best option if you want to launch a website at a low cost. If you want to develop a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) version of a website, WordPress is the most suitable option.

Here, if you want a lot of customization in an MVP website or build a website from scratch, then the price of building a website increases.

A vast number of hosting companies provide WordPress with a quick install option. Here, it is suggested to go for a hosting provider that offers hosting plus timely updates for WordPress.

Apart from this, WordPress offers a vast number of third-party plugins for free to customize your website. If you are not able to find a free plugin, then there are various places on the web where you can purchase a plugin at $55-60.

If you want to develop an eCommerce website using WordPress, then choose the WooCommerce plugin. Further, WooCommerce consists of useful free & paid plugins.


Here we ended our detailed Craft CMS vs WordPress Comparison. Now, you must have understood all the crucial aspects that differentiate these platforms. Based on your budget, resources, and future goals, you can choose a platform.

If you have a limited amount of resources and budget, but you want to launch your website quickly, WordPress is a suitable option.

However, if you want a highly-flexible and out-of-the-box website solution that aligns well with your current & future goals, then Craft CMS is a better option.

Lastly, if you want to update your existing website or develop it from scratch, you can reach out to us.

WebY King provides website development services to businesses and startups worldwide.

Also, we possess a highly talented team of developers who have developed the best websites for varied industries.

Hence, our developers can understand your requirements and deliver you the most suitable website.

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